Fall 2014 Info Sessions

Hey CHIPsters! Thank you to those of you who were able to make it out to our Info Sessions! If you were unable to attend, please check out this presentation to see what you missed!

Wilshire Vermont

Hey CHIPsters!

Last Wednesday, a couple of the volunteers and I had the opportunity to go to Wilshire Vermont located in KoreaTown to provide glucose and blood pressure screenings. Though the site kept getting pushed back because due to scheduling issues, we were finally able to go! The site was a little slower than usual, but it was nice to see a couple of old faces. One of of them  taught us a few Korean words!

Thank you, Mindy, Norah, Falinda, and Elaine for coming out! And thank you, Jennifer for always driving us to Wilshire Vermont this past semester!

This was the last Wilshire Vermont site this semester, but hope to see more of you the next school year! Good luck on finals and see you all next semester!

Annie Lee

A Little Help From Our Friends

Often times, people who start out as doctors or in the medical field find out that they also enjoy coordinating projects and managing different groups of people. Many doctors make the transition from the exam table to the board-room and many hospitals are glad to offer executive positions to former doctors. A good way to get connected to potential employers is with executive search firms, they are full of representatives that are eager to connect talented individuals with large corporations.

Many students who are looking to work in the health care industry travel abroad to study and work in different areas of the world. Many employers like to see a well-rounded experience and volunteer work in another country can help you achieve that goal. If you are looking to work or travel in Hong Kong, make sure you get your staying arrangements worked out well in advance, many travelers will tell you accommodation in Hong Kong.

Any students that are looking to start their own Medical Practice, or to work in hospital administration, need to know the ins and outs of employment law. Not knowing specific details about employee rights might get your practice into trouble. If you are ever in doubt about policies or actions that you might be implementing in your job, make sure to talk to an attorney, someone who specializes in employment law. If you decide to remain in the Bay Area Having a reputable employment lawyer in San Francisco to help with big decisions might be a wise investment down the road.


Berendo Middle School

Hi CHIPsters!

Recently we had our last trip to Berendo Middle School for the semester. As the faculty requested, we presented on myths and facts of puberty and topics relating to sex. The students were all very eager to learn, as the lesson plan was designed for the students to play a game throughout the lecture. The adolescents we teach at this middle school are always enthusiastic and exciting to teach. We were sad to say bye and wish them all a fun summer, but can’t wait to return to them in the fall!

Natasha G.

Terry Manor (4/4/2014)



What up CHIPsters!

Today we traveled out to Terry Manor, a HHF health site located right near campus. We had a great time getting to know the residents, and providing health screenings. It’s always great to see familiar faces. Thanks to Tiffany, Mindy, Jordan, Grant, Ryan, Neil, Jennifer, and Annie for coming out to this healthsite! If you haven’t checked out our Terry Manor healthsite, be on the lookout for it on the events page and sign up! Fight on!

Michael Ma

What’s Energy? with Hoover Street Elementary School

Hey guys!

Hoover has been going strong and sadly, we’ll be having one last event after this week’s event. I wanted to recap you on some of the lessons we had throughout the semester! Our first healthsite at Hoover was about energy. So the kids learned about energy packed foods and how energy enters and leaves the body. Our second lesson was all about the importance of sleeping and it was absolutely perfect cus the kids had a pajama day that day! Our upcoming lesson is about genetics and no worries, our new kids healthsite coordinator, Cody, did a marvelous job of making it easy and fun for the kids. If any of these events sounded interesting to you, keep your eyes peeled for the Hoover Healthsite in April!

One of our volunteers helping our kids with their activity!

One of our volunteers helping our kids with their activity!

chip social


Hey guys!

We had a great time playing Capture the Flag at our CHIP social the week before spring break! It was a beautiful sunny day and we played Capture the Flag on track….(my team dominated..just saying). It was a great way to get up and moving on such a nice day. We even played with a kid from the community who was jealous of how much fun we were having and wanted to join. So if you missed out this time…come out next time and get active while getting to know your fellow CHIP members J


-Jessica T.

Hoover Adult Health Site

Hey CHIPsters,

A few weeks ago, CHIP members headed down to Hoover Elementary School for the adult health site, located 10 minutes away from USC. We provided free blood pressure, blood glucose, and body mass index screenings. We were also joined by another organization that provided health insurance information. It was a great opportunity to work in such a welcoming environment where everyone was so patient and genuinely interested in health. Overall, the screenings went very smoothly and the event was successful.

Special thanks to Tri, Erin, Ryan, Dustin, Austin, and Natasha for helping out! For those of you who missed this event, keep an eye out for next month’s visit and sign up! I hope to see you there!

Have a great spring break!


Hoover Adult Health Site 2-26-14

Skid Row Women’s Day

Hello all!


A couple weeks ago, CHIP members had the opportunity to volunteer on Skid Row at a shelter called the Lamp Community. The  event, put on by USC’s The Roots Foundation, was called “Diva Day” and offered a day full of pampering for homeless women living on Skid Row, including free haircuts, manicures, clothing, and makeovers! CHIP members offered blood pressure screenings to all attendees, and we had a productive day with almost 50 women coming to us for check-ups. The Roots Foundation is hoping to have similar events in the near future, so keep a lookout in the next couple months if you would like to attend. Also, if you are interested in joining The Roots Foundation (in addition to volunteering with CHIP), just email rootsfound@gmail.com and ask for an application! I hope to see you at future events!




Calling all performers!