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Hoover Street Elementary School Haunted House

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Hey CHIPsters!
During Halloween, a few CHIP members got together to help run Hoover Street Elementary School’s annual haunted house. The friends, family, and staff of the school go all out in setting up a spooky, blood-splattered maze, and we got a chance to take part in it! We led kids and families through the maze while ghosts and zombies popped out from behind hidden corners and trapdoors. It was all in good fun, though, and everyone ended up had a great time. The Hoover Haunted house is a yearly event, so look out for next year’s extravaganza!

South Park Adult Health Site 11/20/14


Hey CHIPsters,

Recently, CHIP members headed down to South Park Recreational Center for the adult health site to provide blood pressure and blood glucose screenings to promote cardiovascular wellness in the community. It was great to see everyone so genuinely eager to get screened and so interested in their health. Overall, the screenings went very smoothly and the health site was a big success.

Special thanks to Tri, Dustin, Tristan, Rachel, and Maggie for helping out! Have a great break!

-Danny Le

FAME (November 2014)

Today, we visited the First African Methodist Episcopal Church and offered the usual blood pressure and blood glucose screenings. After having a nice breakfast of grits and eggs, we tested 32 patients. One attendee of the church, Dr. Beatrice Cooper, asked me to compile the raw data and calculate average systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, and blood glucose. She plans on using this data in a presentation to the church in December. In addition, we talked about collecting additional information that could be used to better interpret the congregation’s results and track their progress.

Kyle Roux

FAME Nov 14

A Little Help From Our Friends

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Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose Training #1

Good afternoon CHIPsters!

What does exactly does “120/80″ mean? 120/80mmHg is the standard blood pressure reading, where 120mmHg is the pressure* when the heart pumps blood to parts of the body (contracting), and 80mmHg is the pressure* when the heart relaxes and fills with blood before the next contraction (refilling). Does it mean the same thing to every single person? Blood pressure readings vary from person to person as it depends upon their diet, age, and genetic makeup…

Come find out the remaining information about BP & BG at our next Training Session on Wednesday Oct. 22nd at 7:45pm in TCC 432. Register for the event on the Event Signup page!

*pressure=the force exerted by circulating blood upon the walls of blood vessels


FAME Health Fair (10/11/14)

Last Saturday, we had our first FAME Health Fair of the year! WE spent about 4 hours at this site and had about 6 volunteers. In addition to that, the FAME Church was holding their own health fair, with other health professionals and schools. Overall we administered blood pressure and blood glucose testing to over 30 people. Special thanks to our e-board members Josh, Kyle and Annie , as well as our USC volunteers Mindy, Tiffany, and Leslie!! It was great to see everyone, not only at USC, but also in the community come together and work towards a common cause! I hope to see more volunteers next time!




Pratik Doshi

Wilshire Vermont

Hey CHIPsters!

Last month we had the opportunity to provide health screenings to an apartment complex in Koreatown. We provided blood pressure and blood glucose to the residents and the workers at the building. Although not as many people came for the screenings in comparison to the previous times we went there, it was a still a successful healthsite screening! We had our regulars come by and even have a small chat with us.

Thank you to Wilshire Vermont for always welcoming us and special thanks to Kamil, Oscar, and Alexandra for joining us!

Come join us at our future HHF events!



SouthPark 09/30/14

Hey Everyone!


About two weeks ago, we had the wonderful opportunity to travel to the local recreational center at Southpark. After spending two hours at this health site, we were able to provide screenings to approximately 20 patients, an overall great turnout! Our USC volunteers, Maggie and Rachel, showed great poise and enthusiasm in working with the community members at Southpark. Similarly, our E-board members Danny and Dustin demonstrated excellent leadership in communicating with the volunteers and organizing the incoming patients. It was great to see everyone working for a common cause–to improve health awareness and education throughout the local community. I look forward to seeing everyone else at future health sites!


Best Regards,

Tri M. Tran

Hoover Elementary

Hi Fellow CHIPsters!

Last month we went to the Hoover Elementary Kids Health Site and taught the elementary kids about germs and hygiene. The kids got to draw and create their own version of germs with pipe cleaners. After they finished creating their germs, we went outside and played  hot potato and virus (freeze tag). In the end, we concluded by telling the kids that the best way to prevent oneself from getting sick is to WASH YOUR HANDS! We had a blast and we hope to see you all that the next Hoover Kids Health Site!


Best wishes,

Oscar Chen