CHIP Healthfair 04/112015!

Hey guys!

With almost two weeks after tour 6th Hoover Street Health fair, it is a great time to look back and reflect on all of the good that was “under the sea” that day! With most e-board members heading to the venue at 6:30am (while some were there at 5:45am!), we knew it would be a long day, but we were all excited to help and knew we did not have too much time to waste. With setting up going as smoothly as it could have, the fair started at 9am with dozens of families entering the gates excited to go to the health booths. Booths included our own CHIP free health screenings, Visions for Vision, CHLA, CPR, our co-organizer, YMCA, and many more. As the parents zoomed by the booths, kids also had the option to have a great time getting their face painted, looking for hidden treasures, fishing, making jellyfish out of plates, and ring tossing on some paper algae!

There are too many people to thank for the success that this health fair was! From the CHIP volunteers, to the YMCA organizers, APO volunteers, and many many others, thank you for making this a great day! It is always clear that the attendees clearly take something out of it as they do not have access to many healthcare needs, and it is great to see that we can have an impact in their lives!



Berendo 4/21

Yesterday, CHIPsters went to Berendo Middle School to teach a health lesson to students in a special after school class. We covered a topic that is extremely relevant to middle schoolers today: peer pressure.
With the students we went through different types of peer pressure, both positive and negative, and learned to identify each. We role played through some possible peer pressure scenarios and together, we came up with different strategies that students could use to avoid being drawn into an unfavorable situation, as well as how to help others out of them.
These skills will be an important assets to the students as they face the tough choices that come with growing up and gaining responsibility.
We hope to have more volunteers come next time to help educate this great group of kids!

-Anna 4/22

Diddy Riese Fundraiser 4/21/15

This past Tuesday, CHIP members helped to sell cookies in order to buy the necessary blood glucose and blood pressure supplies for our many health sites through a Diddy Riese fundraiser!  The event was a huge success, as we were able to provide many hungry library-goers with a boost to get through their nights.  It was awesome to see the empathy of the USC community and to explain our cause to especially curious patrons.  We hope to see our time and efforts put to good use with our members out at the sites!  Thanks to both all of the volunteers who came out and the people who supported us!


Geoff Kusaka


FAME Health Site 4/20/15

This past Sunday, 6 CHIP volunteers went to the First African Methodist Episcopal Church and worked with two other doctors to provide blood pressure and glucose screenings for the congregation. We were there for about 4 hours in 2 different shifts, but the church provided the volunteers with breakfast and we were kept busy most of the time. Administering the tests went smoothly since the members of the church spoke English and were all really friendly. It was great to see so many people were not only actively monitoring their blood pressure, but were also genuinely interested in being healthy, asking questions about what their readings meant. This visit was a great success and we look forward to coming back soon! Thanks to all the volunteers who joined us!


Crystal Tran

EXPO Children’s Healthsite

Hello CHIPsters!

This Monday we visited the EXPO Children’s Health Site for their After School Club. We taught the children a fun lesson about the skeletal system and even brought in a model of a human arm skeleton for the kids to play with. Then, for a fun craft, we made a skeleton model out of pasta! The children may have had fun, but us volunteers had even more fun. Special thanks to Oscar Chen for his master gluing skills. We can’t wait to visit this healthsite next year and invite all of you to join us!


Norah Alwash

FAME Health Fair (4/12/15)

This Sunday, we went to the First African Methodist Episcopal Church for 3 hours to help with their annual health fair. We saw about 15 patients, some of whom remembered us from previous health sites! We did blood pressure and blood glucose testing and spoke about nutrition and the importance of eating in moderation as well as exercising to promote cardiovascular health. Although we only had 2 volunteers, we hope to see more next weekend when we go to FAME again!

Special thanks to our new member Raian for helping out!


Pratik Doshi

Open Eboard Positions!

Welcome back CHIPsters!

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Hoover Street Elementary School Haunted House

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 10.46.56 PM

Hey CHIPsters!
During Halloween, a few CHIP members got together to help run Hoover Street Elementary School’s annual haunted house. The friends, family, and staff of the school go all out in setting up a spooky, blood-splattered maze, and we got a chance to take part in it! We led kids and families through the maze while ghosts and zombies popped out from behind hidden corners and trapdoors. It was all in good fun, though, and everyone ended up had a great time. The Hoover Haunted house is a yearly event, so look out for next year’s extravaganza!

South Park Adult Health Site 11/20/14


Hey CHIPsters,

Recently, CHIP members headed down to South Park Recreational Center for the adult health site to provide blood pressure and blood glucose screenings to promote cardiovascular wellness in the community. It was great to see everyone so genuinely eager to get screened and so interested in their health. Overall, the screenings went very smoothly and the health site was a big success.

Special thanks to Tri, Dustin, Tristan, Rachel, and Maggie for helping out! Have a great break!

-Danny Le

FAME (November 2014)

Today, we visited the First African Methodist Episcopal Church and offered the usual blood pressure and blood glucose screenings. After having a nice breakfast of grits and eggs, we tested 32 patients. One attendee of the church, Dr. Beatrice Cooper, asked me to compile the raw data and calculate average systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, and blood glucose. She plans on using this data in a presentation to the church in December. In addition, we talked about collecting additional information that could be used to better interpret the congregation’s results and track their progress.

Kyle Roux

FAME Nov 14