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Hoover Kids Healthsite

Last Friday, CHIPsters visited Hoover Elementary school and led a lesson on the human eye. We had fun showing the kids different optical illusions and testing the eye bogglers on ourselves! The children exercised their creativity by coloring and designing their own bookmarks, reminding us the importance of reading–and to take good care of our eyes while reading. For a hand-eye coordination activity, kids took turns placing a penny (or pennies) on their elbows and attempted to catch the penny when their arm swings downwards. Try it for yourself; it’s harder than it seems. Shout out to Dinu, Anna, and Cody for volunteering, and I hope to see YOU at Hoover Kids in the fall!


Hoover Kids Healthsite — Smoking

Hey CHIPsters! We’ve been doing a lot of exciting things with the elementary students at Hoover Street Elementary School. Last month, we lead an exercise on the dangers of smoking tobacco and how smoking can adversely affect our health. The kids worked hard at making anti-smoking signs to post along their hallways and bathrooms to raise awareness. We also played a fun game of “Sharks and Minnows” modified to teach students about the dangers of second hand smoke. Additionally, we even replicated what it’s like to be a smoker by doing exercises while breathing through a straw! In this way, we were able to have a fun and interactive afternoon showing kids first hand how smoking effects our lives and what we can do to improve our health. We hope you check out Hoover Kids in the future!

USC Community Service Scholarship Dinner




Hi CHIPsters!

Here are two Eboarders (Oscar Chen, Pournami Rajeev) representing USC CHIP at the annual USC Community Service Scholarship Dinner. I am so happy and honored to represent CHIP at this event. This shows that hard work and continual dedication to helping out our community does pay off. Thus, I hope to see everyone next semester at our many healthsites!


Oscar Chen

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CHIP E-Board Dinner 4/26/15

On Sunday, CHIP’s E-Board went to Rutt’s Cafe in Culver City for our annual E-Board Dinner. 14 members of E-Board met behind Leavey at 6:30 PM to head over to the Cafe. At Rutt’s, we all had some great traditional Hawaiian food while talking, catching up, and engaging in the usual shenanigans. Some other highlights included spam, royales, extensive credit card confusion, and My Idol. Overall, it was great way to draw this semester to a close with our fantastic E-Board! Special thanks to Oscar, Pournami, and Danny for driving!



Avneesh Sharma

Golden Age Village 4/26/15

This morning, CHIP e-boarders tested out a potential new health site at Golden Age Village in Monterey Park. We provided free blood glucose and blood pressure screenings to the residents there with the assistance of two social workers, including an alumnus of USC’s own school of social work. Keep an eye out for this health site next year, especially if you’re able to converse fluently in Mandarin or Cantonese. Special thanks to Maggie, Oscar, and the one and only Geoffrey Kusaka for helping out today!


Dustin Lieu

CHIP Healthfair 04/112015!

Hey guys!

With almost two weeks after tour 6th Hoover Street Health fair, it is a great time to look back and reflect on all of the good that was “under the sea” that day! With most e-board members heading to the venue at 6:30am (while some were there at 5:45am!), we knew it would be a long day, but we were all excited to help and knew we did not have too much time to waste. With setting up going as smoothly as it could have, the fair started at 9am with dozens of families entering the gates excited to go to the health booths. Booths included our own CHIP free health screenings, Visions for Vision, CHLA, CPR, our co-organizer, YMCA, and many more. As the parents zoomed by the booths, kids also had the option to have a great time getting their face painted, looking for hidden treasures, fishing, making jellyfish out of plates, and ring tossing on some paper algae!

There are too many people to thank for the success that this health fair was! From the CHIP volunteers, to the YMCA organizers, APO volunteers, and many many others, thank you for making this a great day! It is always clear that the attendees clearly take something out of it as they do not have access to many healthcare needs, and it is great to see that we can have an impact in their lives!



Berendo 4/21

Yesterday, CHIPsters went to Berendo Middle School to teach a health lesson to students in a special after school class. We covered a topic that is extremely relevant to middle schoolers today: peer pressure.
With the students we went through different types of peer pressure, both positive and negative, and learned to identify each. We role played through some possible peer pressure scenarios and together, we came up with different strategies that students could use to avoid being drawn into an unfavorable situation, as well as how to help others out of them.
These skills will be an important assets to the students as they face the tough choices that come with growing up and gaining responsibility.
We hope to have more volunteers come next time to help educate this great group of kids!

-Anna 4/22

A Little Help From Our Friends

Often times, people who start out as doctors or in the medical field find out that they also enjoy coordinating projects and managing different groups of people. Many doctors make the transition from the exam table to the board-room and many hospitals are glad to offer executive positions to former doctors. A good way to get connected to potential employers is with executive search firms, they are full of representatives that are eager to connect talented individuals with large corporations.

Any students that are looking to start their own Medical Practice, or to work in hospital administration, need to know the ins and outs of employment law. Not knowing specific details about employee rights might get your practice into trouble. If you are ever in doubt about policies or actions that you might be implementing in your job, make sure to talk to an attorney, someone who specializes in employment law. If you decide to remain in the Bay Area Having a reputable employment lawyer in San Francisco to help with big decisions might be a wise investment down the road.


Diddy Riese Fundraiser 4/21/15

This past Tuesday, CHIP members helped to sell cookies in order to buy the necessary blood glucose and blood pressure supplies for our many health sites through a Diddy Riese fundraiser!  The event was a huge success, as we were able to provide many hungry library-goers with a boost to get through their nights.  It was awesome to see the empathy of the USC community and to explain our cause to especially curious patrons.  We hope to see our time and efforts put to good use with our members out at the sites!  Thanks to both all of the volunteers who came out and the people who supported us!


Geoff Kusaka