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Berendo 4/21

Yesterday, CHIPsters went to Berendo Middle School to teach a health lesson to students in a special after school class. We covered a topic that is extremely relevant to middle schoolers today: peer pressure. With the students we went through different types of peer pressure, both positive and negative, and learned to identify each. We […]

A Little Help From Our Friends

Often times, people who start out as doctors or in the medical field find out that they also enjoy coordinating projects and managing different groups of people. Many doctors make the transition from the exam table to the board-room and many hospitals are glad to offer executive positions to former doctors. A good way to […]

Open Eboard Positions!

Welcome back CHIPsters! Ready to start out 2015 with a bang? Join CHIP’s Executive Board! Download our Eboard Application and email it to by February 4th at 5pm! E-BoardAppSpring15

Hoover Street Elementary School Haunted House

Hey CHIPsters! During Halloween, a few CHIP members got together to help run Hoover Street Elementary School’s annual haunted house. The friends, family, and staff of the school go all out in setting up a spooky, blood-splattered maze, and we got a chance to take part in it! We led kids and families through the […]

FAME (November 2014)

Today, we visited the First African Methodist Episcopal Church and offered the usual blood pressure and blood glucose screenings. After having a nice breakfast of grits and eggs, we tested 32 patients. One attendee of the church, Dr. Beatrice Cooper, asked me to compile the raw data and calculate average systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, and […]

Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose Training #1

Good afternoon CHIPsters! What does exactly does “120/80″ mean? 120/80mmHg is the standard blood pressure reading, where 120mmHg is the pressure* when the heart pumps blood to parts of the body (contracting), and 80mmHg is the pressure* when the heart relaxes and fills with blood before the next contraction (refilling). Does it mean the same […]

Hoover Elementary

Hi Fellow CHIPsters! Last month we went to the Hoover Elementary Kids Health Site and taught the elementary kids about germs and hygiene. The kids got to draw and create their own version of germs with pipe cleaners. After they finished creating their germs, we went outside and played  hot potato and virus (freeze tag). […]

Fall 2014 Info Sessions

Hey CHIPsters! Thank you to those of you who were able to make it out to our Info Sessions! If you were unable to attend, please check out this presentation to see what you missed!

Berendo Middle School

Hi CHIPsters! Recently we had our last trip to Berendo Middle School for the semester. As the faculty requested, we presented on myths and facts of puberty and topics relating to sex. The students were all very eager to learn, as the lesson plan was designed for the students to play a game throughout the […]

Welcome back!

Hey Chipsters!! Hope everyone’s winter break was great and you are all ready to go for this semester! We will be starting off this year with healthsites and other opportunities to earn more points! Make sure to check us out at the involvement fair this upcoming Wednesday! It will be on Trousdale between 11:00am-2:00pm. Information […]