What is CHIP?

We are a club of USC students who have a passion for spreading health awareness to the community. Through specialized trainings, we educate ourselves in order to pass on the information to others. By establishing long-lasting relationships with community centers such as recreational centers, afterschool programs, churches, and health fairs, we aim to be an integrated part of the community’s public health programs. We will be providing important services such as blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes screenings later on after we have established a positive presence in the community. As of now our focus is creative ways to approach important health issues that tailor to each individual population we’re serving.

Active members will have priority in special workshops and will be invited to a special event at the end of the year to honor them.

To be considered an Active Member you must:


  • Fill out an application, either paper or online.
  • Have a shirt that serves as our uniform at every health site.
  • Attend all required training sessions
  • Acquire at least 5 ‘points’

Points are awarded for attending healthsites and fundraisers. Typically each event is worth 1 point; however, if you drive or perform beyond expectations, you may receive bonus points for your efforts. For example, if you attend one shift at a healthsite and you volunteer to drive to the healthsite, you would earn 2 points instead of only 1.

We do not hold general meetings, and instead we communicate to club members through e-mail and this website. We count on YOU to read these emails and keep checking this website.

To sign up for events we will be using the Event Manager on this website. If you sign up for an event but do not show up, you will need to go to an extra healthsite besides the 4 required in order to keep active membership. Please “Un-Register” at least 24 hours before every event you cannot make it too.